Investment Planning

As Financial Advisers, The Money Planner Ltd look across.

the whole investment space with the aim of delivering attractive returns for our clients, whilst taking an appropriate level of risk.

We advise clients across a wide range of financial aspects such as inheritance tax planning, investment management, pensions, tax mitigation, long term care and other general financial planning issues with client confidentiality assured. A combined wealth of experience and industry knowledge ensures our clients receive financial advice which is tailored to their personal needs and expectations. Our objective is to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

Our Investment Philosophy

A critical part of establishing and increasing an investment portfolio is having the cash to meet your lifestyle requirements in the short term, but also putting in place the savings and investments that will fulfil your ambitions.

The principles of a cashflow plan are to ensure support for current lifestyle needs and then balance debt reduction (if applicable) whilst putting money aside for medium to long term goals. We follow a straightforward process which analyses your income and expenditure and identifies how you balance these short term demands with your longer term aspirations. This includes building contingency reserves into your cashflow to ensure you can deal with any unforeseen events, which may arise. To book your free, no obligation initial appointment, please contact The Money Planner Ltd onTel ? or email ?

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(This is not intended as an exhaustive guide).

Commercial banks
Building societies
National Savings and Investments have a number of different instruments*:
Fixed Interest Savings Certificates
Children’s Bonus Bonds
Fixed Rate Savings Bond
Income Bonds
Investment account
Asset-backed investments can be held in:
Issued by companies to raise money
Dividends related to profitability
Potential Capital Gains Tax on realised gains when shares sold
Gilt-edged Securities
Government guaranteed
Fixed rate of interest or coupon
Interest liable for tax
Full nominal value repaid at redemption date
Some Gilts index linked
No Capital Gains Tax on Gilts

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Unit trusts

Investors’ money pooled to form large funds
Medium to long-term investments in stocks and shares
Broad spread for greater security
Professional fund management
Units priced on the basis of the value of the underlying investments
Income distributed or re-invested
Income liable for tax
Potential for Capital Gains Tax


Cash ISA*

The overall limit for a Cash ISA is now £15,240 with the ability to transfer Stocks and Shares ISAs into a Cash ISA and vice versa.


Stocks and Shares ISA

With a Stocks and Shares ISA you can invest the full £15,240 per year, The Stocks and Shares ISA must include a stocks and shares element. As with Cash ISAs from the 1st July 2014 the overall limit at which you can invest in a Stocks and Shares ISA has been raised to £15,240 per year.


Tessa Only ISA

Anyone who held Tessas will have previously converted these toTOISAs, these are no longer available and have been replaced byISAs.